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Snow had taken Dark’s advice and looked at the messages in her inbox, she was surprised to find one that was almost and essay.

Snow smiled and wiped away a tear…The message was everything she had hoped Dark would say..Everything any mare would want to hear..It wasn’t creepy, even if it was someone she hardly knew, paying attention to her..It was sweet and kind…and made her feel so special.

She grinned at the way he had signed it Anonymous..and had forgotten to hide his name at the same time, it made her giggle  and smile. What a dork, An adorable dork.

She decided to find him..She marched herself out into the school yard and called out to the chocolate stallion. 

He seemed to have shot up in the last few weeks, she only just noticed.

"Pen…Can I talk to you?"

"Uh…sure, wha…what about?"

She was smiling. That must have meant something good had happened. Which was good. Oooh…but she was looking at him. Right at him. That was bad. Very bad. Now the lump seized his throat while his mouth dried out and he suddenly started internally praying he didn’t start sweating through his sweater vest. It wasn’t like he wasn’t around her a lot…just never noticed as he carried their friend’s stuff, got them drinks or other things like that. He was the pony that disappeared with only two others in a room. Forgettable even to his friends. Snow was different then they were, though.

Snow had always been the nicest of them. She’d even say something to Elisa if the unicorn was getting too mean with her drinking. She helped out others where she could. The gorgeous silver mare never even called him ‘Pissant Pen’ like most everyone else did. So when he saw her upset he just had to do something. An anonymous note to raise her spirits. To show her what he saw in her.

Wait…did he remember to click the anonymous function after writing it? Of course he did. Even he wasn’t that dumb. Snow must have needed him to help her with something or move something for her. A simple chore for a simple pony. So why was she smiling at him like that? Snow wasn’t just smiling she was smiling at him and that was making him nervous all over again. Pen could already feel the moisture gathering at the small of his back while he attempted to begin to smile.

Unfortunately the best he could do was a miscarriage of an expression making him look like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar while trying to hold in a massive dump.


Snow sighed and looked away sadly, Dark was being kind…She knew he was…It just felt so…Shallow…All she wanted was some comfort, some reassurance of herself…Dark never said she was likeable…He was always so positive about their family, their future together…But what about Snow herself??
She would do what he said and loo at her messages….Maybe something there would cheer her up, even if Dark couldn’t.

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Snow- “I didn’t brag…I was told I needed to do something with my life, to be worth anything…I told everyone what I do to be more than my family….I can’t win it seems…I do nothing, I’m a spoiled brat living off her family..I do lots and Im bragging and flaunting what I have…

I…I…I can’t..I can’t take it…I try so hard..Why…Why can’t anyone like me for just being me…?”

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Snow-“I…I was only teasing about ruling the school…I thought Enfield was having some friendly banter with me..It was only a kiss, after all..Dark and I are not slobbering all over each other in school…So I thought Enfield was just teasing…He’s the one that mentioned his family…

I NEVER said or thought I was better than anyone else..I wouldn’t ever think that..I mean, I know I’m wealthily and popular…but thats no reason to be so mean…I work REALLY hard to keep my position..Do you think its easy to keep my grades…to keep my place in the hierarchy of the nobles?

Whats that about Dark, Zephyr?….I know him…Why are you saying such mean things!?”

"I…i gotta do something…Snow’s in pain and someone’s got to do something."

The thin stallion ran his fingers through his small patch of beard as he tried to come up with an answer.

"I can’t just walk up to her…it’s Snow Storm. Besides, she might not want me around. I’ve got to think of something…i…I don’t like seeing her like this. Okay…gotta be a stallion…gotta think of something…fuck, I wish I had half the balls of one of Penny’s LARPing friends right now.."

But a moment’s thought had given him something of an idea.

"Hold on, Snow. I have an idea…and no one has to know."


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Snow-“you all think you know me…you all think you know my life? Im a bitch, huh?…Care to tell me how I’m a bitch? What have I done , other than be happy with my station in life…a station I have worked hard at maintaining??!! 

You are all hypocrites, I have so much pressure…so much stress trying to be what everyone wants…to Be what is expected  of Lord Storms daughter…You…You have no idea…”

Pendleton bit his lip. He knew…knew that Dark Knight was just trying to comfort her and was being there for her. He was a good stallion and everything would work out. Dark Knight loved her. Cared for her more than any other could. It was just that simple. It was right…right?

Still, as he watched them he could help but wonder if Snow was really going to be okay. It wasn’t that he seemed to be doing anything wrong to Snow; just a naggling feeling that things weren’t all right.


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Snow- “soooo…Head cheer leader, straight A student, Level 7 Lineage Holder in Tai chi, volunteer councillor for troubled youth and all that while taking leadership and nobility lessons with my private tutor, isn’t doing anything to make me worth more than my family name?…Thanks, Thanks a bunch for judging me…..I hope you enjoy knowing so much about me and my life.”

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Snow-“your family are military huh?…ok…cool..good for you…
I would like you to see this picture of my daddy…Lord Ice Storm…Duke of Equestria and leader of all Celestia’s military forces..A title he was born into …that all our family are born into since the first Duke, Lord Commander Hurricane… and He EARNED the respect of his peers with all his work to keep the Griffon army from invading….its a title that I will inherit one day.’

'There is a reason I rule this school, you do not worry me Enfield.”

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The quickest unconscious to perfectly fine transition ever, brought to you by Regeneration! Now in grape flavour!

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"Just make sure you lock it up. Don’t want any stowaways. Especially with the mess that seems to come with ‘em. And I wasn’t kidding about the stuff I have on me. At best they’ll just find my hardware. If one of them finds the Page I carry and bucks around with it…well, that’s a potential Deadite Infestation. At least if they hold onto the safety of the grenade the pin can be put back in. There’s no safety on a Page."

His eyes sweep around. It looked like some of the standard multidimensional expressions of Ponyville. ‘Looked’ being the operative word there. If Friendly Fanny o’ the Flanks wanted to continue getting to know the mare then somewhere not out in the open would make him feel better.

Besides…if this is where the Doctor ended up then it wouldn’t be peaceful for long. Combine that with him being the Chosen One of the Necronomicon ex Equus…and well…Pen wouldn’t be surprised if he was going to have to ask if the Tardis could fabricate some more ammo before this outing was over.


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The Doctor appears!
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Pendleton had greeted Ab…the new Doctor with a bit of hesitance. It wasn’t that he wasn’t happy to see her. The stallion just didn’t know what to expect. Or even that he’d been expecting anything at all. It surprised him that she was a unicorn now. After meeting Patty, Pathfinder, he kind of assumed she’d stay an earth pony. A stupid presumption considering this form suited her so well.

Her mane was wilder now. Made him think of golden rows of wheat. The Time Lady’s coat now had a richly honeyed tinge to it while her eyes shone a vibrant aurum. It was almost as if denying her regeneration for so long had caused it to stain her second form. That is, if one could call it staining. The mare was a little smaller now but it just made her cuter…

The gravity of the situation snapped him out of his appraisal of the new Doctor. There was a witness, a Twilight on top of it, as well as an injured pony. The shit-ton of noise made meant seconds at best until more came to investigate. This didn’t include the obvious evidence of the impact they’d made on the ground…or not. There didn’t seem to be any impact crater. Buckin’ weird-ass Doctor physics. Whatever. Moving onto not having to deal with the authorities. Namely royalty. This Twilight didn’t have wings which was a point in their favor. She seemed to know the Doctor. That was good, right?

But she didn’t know any of the Doctors that Sally, Banana Pie or he knew. That made him wonder a thing or two that he’d keep to himself at the moment. In the meantime, somepony had to check on that pegasus to see if he was all right..


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